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BEMO - online Transportation Service

Although, the most common way to travel around the cities in Bali is by taking public transport, but it is now more convenient to take the online transportation in Bali. i.e. BEMO apps. Definitely ease your visiting plan because it’s easy to book the private transport with affordable prices.It is recommended to take this online transportation in Bali as it can be very good experience to see the lifestyle in Bali during the trip without confusing or worrying the cost of transport system. Nonetheless, it could be the most unpleasant ride if you choose public transport which is full of locals and the traffic density is sometimes a very sickening thing, while there may not be air conditioning inside the bus. Still, there are so many various rentals in Bali which preferable, which one of the most preferable transport system is the cozy private transport by Bali Tirta Harum Tours with the skilled-full, friendly and punctual driver.

Bali is a popular tourist destination by foreign and domestic tourists. Currently one of the most important things in traveling to this island is to consider the transportation. Transportation will facilitate us more quickly and efficiently to get to one place to another. As there are so many tourist attractions in Bali, the convenience and low price of the transport should be chosen well. You may choose public transportation while visiting in Bali. However, public transportation in Bali is insufficient thing to get. Besides taxis, it is better for you to know of other services of transportation that you can get the app from your cellphone called Bemo Apps (is one of the transportation service applications that you can use as long as you are in Bali with reasonable price).In the meantime, if you want to choose ride independently so you may see Bali on your own schedule, the possible way is to rent bicycles, motorcycles or scooters, or even cars. Of course, Bali Tirta Harum Tours also offers this kind of rental with fair prices. Or just simply download an online transportation in Bali by choosing BEMO apps on your Google play store. So, what are you waiting for… Your trip just got easier! Enjoy it J


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