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Private Transport with Reasonable Price

The main factor to be considered is the potential travel demand. There are potential corridors in Bali and one of them is the private transport service. Many visitors want to experience the delightful view of amazing places without any difficulty to find the best vehicle. Because your exciting holiday trip is also determined by the comfort of your private transport.

Bali is the first tourist destination in Indonesia. Recommendations have been given to ease the visitors to get comfortable during his/her trip in Bali. No worries to travel Bali with www.balitirtaharumtours.com as your splendid time will always completed and possible with our cozy private transport. We provide the car rental at about USD 35 / car for 5 hours renting until USD 60 / car for 12 hours renting. Our vehicle is in a good condition complete with well-experienced native driver who capable English speaking and it is including the fuel costs. So our price is definitely fair. Also, please check our best airport transfer at www.balitirtaharumtours.com

Moreover, you can experience such an amazing things like taking fastboat to Gili Island and Lembongan. This is a best transport sea system just like in a glamorous cruisine with premium services, but it is payless and fairly prices at www.balitirtaharumtours.com.

Besides, rent a scooter/bikes are the best way to travel around on your own, plus they’re a lot of fun and very inexpensive to rent at about $4 – $12 a day. If you’re driving long distances, you can rest your travel pack on your scooter/bikes between your legs or wear it on your back with the pack sitting on the seat with you to offload the weight. Two people can easily ride on one scooter/bikes if you’re packing light. Book your private scooter NOW! At www.balitirtaharumtours.com.