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To get around in Bali

Yes, a variety of excellent half day, full day and overnight tour packages are available from your hotel desk or any of the numerous travel agents and tour operators also providing the transport system including best-skilled and experienced driver as well as punctual and friendly ones, during your holiday in Bali. No worries, if you wondering simple sweet escape in Bali!! However, your trip in Bali will never be so fun and enjoyable without our excellent services of transport system. It would be a simple and cozy to get around in Bali with us.

Many people rented motorbikes/scooters, but for whatever reason, this was too much for some others. Just make sure that you know how to ride a motorbike even if it is driving on the opposite side of the road and be aware of the traffic signals in Bali. There are also a lot of one way roads in Bali. Don’t forget to “shout down” your muzzle when going around curves on mountainous roads as it is very common to drive in the middle of the road. If you miss your turn off you may have to drive quite a long distance before being able to turn back. Stay alert! Besides, it is not recommended to drive at night. You can rent motorbike for less than $20 per week to get around in Bali.

You can also rent cars, however with the crowded traffic, we would suggest for renting completely with our well experienced driver, capable speak English and friendly ones. You just simply sit and enjoy your trip J We provide you a good vehicle to get around in Bali complete with air-conditioning, free mineral water and best itinerary. We will make sure that you won’t missed any exciting attractions in Bali. Our service is also including with fuel costs and guide.

Moreover, we also offer you airport transfer to get around in Bali or anywhere your destination with reasonable prices from Denpasar international airport. It’s easier for you and you will get more experience to get around in Bali with Bali Tirta Harum transportation.

Fastboat is also available in Bali Tirta Harum. Cross this Paradise Island to another amazing island near Bali with our Fastboat and experience the unforgettable moment. So, you’re not to get around only in Bali, you will also experience the incredible view from other islands with Bali Tirta Harum. That’s why Bali Tirta Harum is a good choices for your trip to get around in Bali.


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